As a licensed massage therapist for humans, I know that it takes a certain sensitivity to connect with another to help facilitate healing through touch, and Ruta has it with horses.  I’ve watched her work with horses (my horse included) in a way that helps move them toward greater healing.  Whether she’s working with a horse that is tight and sore from exercise or a horse that has a troubled past and been rescued, she is able to work with them in such as way that promotes physical and/or emotional release, bringing health and well-being.  I highly recommend her as an equine massage therapist.

Cherie Weber, M.Ed., LMT, CST


I wondered if Star would even stand for massage, he is very hyper and jumpy and sore in spots.  He was dancing when we got into the stall, and I was surprised when he started calming down quickly… then I wondered what had happened as suddenly he stretched and started yawning, like 7 or 8 times.  I learned that this was a major release of tension, I had no idea these things happen.  He was so much looser in how he moved after the massage therapy and was much smoother to ride.  Riding felt like it was fun to him again!  And we are now jumping again and I have to hold him back as he gets too excited, he feels good.



Since the massage he has more range of motion in his shoulders, his hind end has improved, and his movements aren’t as spastic…  When I brushed him yesterday his back and sides were muddy, which means he’s rolling in the pasture again.  I’ve never been so happy to see dirt on him.  I can’t thank you enough for what you did.

Elvesta Troyer


My horse Checkers and I have known Ruta for over 7 years and we are both grateful for that.  Checkers has had many challenges, including severe arthritis in his hocks and one hip.  There are days that he has been so stiff it looks like he is walking on high heels on his hind legs.  Other days he limps.  But when he has had his massage he loosens up and I am even able to ride him most of the time.  The other day we enjoyed a delightful hour’s ride.  Given that he is over 30 years old it is amazing.  I recommend Ruta highly.  I had no idea that massage could be so helpful!

April Goodwin




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