***** Please take a look at my most recent blog post to get information on the Small Business Saturday offer for Nov. 25th, 2017.  I hope you choose to take advantage of this, the more massage the better! ******


Massage is provided by appointment at your location, whether your home, boarding facility, or competition venue.  I am available Mon. – Sat. and Sundays if necessary.

A massage typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours.  The fee is $45, an additional mileage fee might be applied depending on distance traveled and number of horses treated in the area.  I am determined to keep my fees accessible, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding rates.

I provide demonstrations and am available to evaluate horses at boarding/training facilities, 4H clubs and competition venues.  I am committed to increasing awareness of the benefits of equine massage therapy.  If it is good for the Olympic or World Cup champion it is good for your horse too!

Rescued horses will be treated at a reduced cost, please contact me.  Donations are welcome to assist me with travel expenses to provide treatment to horses in rescue shelters.  If you are able to help, the horses and I thank you!

I request that, if at all possible, your horse be treated in a stall in a calm area.  You are more than welcome to stay with your horse.  Your horse will need five minutes of calm hand-walking after the massage for best results, then is free to return to pasture, stall, or be ridden.  Horses must have access to water after massage and you will likely notice an increase in thirst and urination after massage; this is not only normal, it is healthy.


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