Who I Am

Who I am…

My name is Ruta and I am a certified equine massage therapist (CEMT), a career that stems from a long love of horses and the inherent need to benefit the quality of their lives.  Therapeutic massage is my favorite way of doing this.  Whether reaching high for the topline of a champion Belgian or squatting to reach the tender neck of a young girl’s mini, I am always happy to be there.  No matter the breed, age, ability, size or challenges a horse may have it brings me joy and fulfillment to know that my services will be helpful.  To the horse, and to the human who cares about that horse!

I have long understood the importance of muscular health for comfort and performance.  As a physical therapist, with an interest in sports medicine, I served people.  After rescuing and rehabilitating my first horse, nearly 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to practice equine massage therapy.  I pursued my education and training and am certified by Brandenburg Massage Therapy, a diploma that brings me as much gratification as my physical therapy degree.  I am a person whose work is also her joy.  It would be an honor to work on your horse and share the benefits I know massage will bring.  After all, it was my horses that brought me to this and I am grateful to them all…

Every horse benefits from therapeutic massage.  Every horse matters to me



Where am I located?

My practice is currently based in the rolling hills of Carroll County, Ohio.  I will travel to your location, please note that long distances will require an additional fee.


Phone:  330-627-5411

E-mail: rutamazelis@frontier.com


Ruta Mazelis, BS, CEMT

Solstice Equine Massage Therapy

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