These four letters have great meaning for me, and I am writing to you with delight to explain what they offer to your horses. This is my first post of this most unusual year. So many challenges for so many of us, right? I have certainly had my share. Yet I am able to share joyful news – I have achieved a goal that I began working towards long before the word “pandemic” was common! Please celebrate with me the arrival of the initials “MMCP” after my name. The acronym stand for “Masterson Method Certified Practitioner.” I am now able to offer you another set of skills to help your horses in addition to massage therapy. The Masterson Method has captivated me for years. The education has been an intense and rewarding challenge. My journey took me to KY, NH, NY, NJ, MD and IA as I took courses (in person and online), studied with mentors, worked with coaches. I am deeply grateful to the people who offered my their horses to work on as case studies. I am even more grateful to the friends who listened to my many stories of what I was learning and how it was impacting horses’ lives!

There will me much more to be written about the Masterson Method. Tonight I wanted to let you know about this achievement and direct you to the web site for the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork, On the top right of the home page there is a link to find a certified practitioner. If you go there and search for MMCPs in Ohio you will see that there are three of us. Last month there were only two. I am honored to be able to offer you and your horses this new bodywork. I find it amazing. So do the horses. I think you might too!

Author: rutamazelis

Who I am Every horse benefits from therapeutic massage. Every horse matter to me. I have long understood the importance of muscular health for comfort and performance. As a physical therapist, with an interest in sports medicine, I served people. After rescuing and rehabilitating my first horse, nearly 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to practice equine massage therapy. I witnessed the healing it promoted in my horses and am determined to offer my services to as many other horses as I can. It is an honor and a delight to work on your horse. Ruta

5 thoughts on “MMCP”

  1. Congratulations, Ruta! What an awesome thing. Almost makes me want to be a horse, just so you could heal me up! No truly, I was so inspired when I watched you working a couple of years ago!


    1. Thank you so much Mary! If Masterson Method worked on humans we would be feeling so much better. Yet with the multiple ways horses serve humans it is magical to have found a way to be of profound service to them! I hope our paths cross soon (when it is safe), the horses miss you…


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