Yes, I am wiggling your horse’s nose….

Describing equine massage and it’s benefits wasn’t challenging.  It was exciting.  It still is!  Yet now that I am offering an additional service to promote healing for your horse I must admit that I’ve procrastinated writing about it.  When you see it I trust you will understand…

I am currently in the fieldwork portion of my studies in the Masterson Method (MM) of equine bodywork.  While I first bought Jim Masterson’s book many years ago it wasn’t until I took the basic course in 2017 that I became deeply intrigued with what he had discovered and created.  And so it began…  Now, after studying and testing and traveling for more, and case studies and wise and talented instructors…  I am in the thick of pursuing certification.  This final achievement will take me a good while longer, well into 2020.  Yet I’ve been offering MM, as far as I’ve learned it, to my clients and have been prompted to be a bit louder about this journey.  The benefits have been obvious for the horses that I’ve worked on.

The challenge is describing MM as it often appears that I am either spaced out and doing nothing but my hand is stuck in the air, or that perhaps my back has seized up as I’m holding your horse’s hoof off of the ground and not moving.  Then there is the funky thing with the horse’s tongue and an assortment of techniques for the other end…

I hope these descriptions intrigue you.  I suggest you visit for the proper description of the method.  I consider it a groundbreaking way of helping horses restore themselves to balance.  While there are times I suggest massage therapy for a horse rather than MM, most days I recommend a horse owner give the Masterson work a try.

Until I am certified I am charging the same fee for an MM session as I do for a massage.  I am also looking for horses to work on as case studies as I progress through my training.  That requires me to provide two sessions for your horse and I do not charge for these as they are part of my learning process.  So, please consider getting in touch – give me and my evolving MM skills a try!



Yes, sometimes even the horses give me a curious look…

Life with horses is good, let’s make it even better with bodywork!


Author: rutamazelis

Who I am Every horse benefits from therapeutic massage. Every horse matter to me. I have long understood the importance of muscular health for comfort and performance. As a physical therapist, with an interest in sports medicine, I served people. After rescuing and rehabilitating my first horse, nearly 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to practice equine massage therapy. I witnessed the healing it promoted in my horses and am determined to offer my services to as many other horses as I can. It is an honor and a delight to work on your horse. Ruta

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