Winter massage and a “Sweet” special…

It has been a bit too long since my last post here, I hope all humans and horses are well and warm…  I meant to write a while ago about the value of equine massage therapy for horses at rest in the winter.  I’ve been asked by some owners if massage is valuable to a horse that is spending the winter eating and sleeping under a warm blanket. While some continue to compete in equestrian sports or trail ride in the winter, most of us slow down our activities for these months of cold and darkness.

It is a time of rest, and therefore, often a time of recuperation as well.  Horses can get stiff spending much of their day in stalls.  Horses in pasture often hunker down as well when the footing becomes challenging.  There is often less movement, it is winter.

Massage assists in healing the stressors of the past year.  The increase in circulation, one of the benefits of massage, helps nourish muscles that are now at rest but perhaps still a bit challenged from the activities of the past year.  Massage is always helpful.

That said, massage is always helpful to the horse!  I have been asked if it is necessary for the horse’s owner to hold the horse for their massage therapy.  After all, it is the owner that will be cold in the winter – your horse is warm and, well… so am I.  Doing massage is physical work and my hands are warm on your horse’s body… and you shiver.  So please note that it is not necessary for you to hold your horse for massage.  Feel free to leave your horse to my hands while you enjoy hot chocolate in a warm room.  I will let you know what my hands learned from your horse’s body when I am finished.  No need for you to be out in the cold…

That said, I am hoping to interest you in massage for your horse this winter.  While I am not prone to providing special offers besides the Small Business Saturday special, I am celebrating a new arrival in my herd.  I was, this past December, gifted a 10 month old rescue colt.  A handsome wild guy who has challenged me greatly these past weeks (see why I haven’t written in a while?).  His name is “Sweet Freedom” and in his honor I am offering $10 off of any massage from now until the end of winter (spring officially begins on March 20th).  To take advantage of the “Sweet” special please just let me know you’d like to take advantage of it and you will receive the discount.  No limits, this is a special occasion.  I am laughing as your equine massage therapist now has a horse who took over two weeks to allow himself to be touched.  Celebrate with me!




Author: rutamazelis

Who I am Every horse benefits from therapeutic massage. Every horse matter to me. I have long understood the importance of muscular health for comfort and performance. As a physical therapist, with an interest in sports medicine, I served people. After rescuing and rehabilitating my first horse, nearly 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to practice equine massage therapy. I witnessed the healing it promoted in my horses and am determined to offer my services to as many other horses as I can. It is an honor and a delight to work on your horse. Ruta

One thought on “Winter massage and a “Sweet” special…”

  1. We cannot underestimate the power and importance of equine massage, especially during the winter months. Horses (and people) tend to lower their activity level which results in stiffness, lethargy and plain boredom. Massage compliments regular exercise, good nutrition and a horses’ piece of mind. Thank you, Ruta, for reminding us that, especially in winter, our equine friends need some well deserved hands on attention.

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